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Roush General Contracting, Inc. is a full service, single source company. We are striving to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible in our industry. By building strong relationships with customers, employees, and vendors our businesses will succeed together.

Roush General Contracting, Inc. is a full service contractor, your single source of millwright services.

We install, relocates and/or removes process equipment, conveying systems, and any type equipment and machinery.

We have the experience and competence needed to install, precision align/level and start up single machine installations or multi-machine production lines. We perform all of the rigging work associated with machine moves, and employ a group of craftsman specialized in concrete work, electrical, piping, welding, fabrication, and all aspects of moving your machine or equipment. From moving a small lathe to an entire production line, Roush will ensure the smooth progression of each and every project.

Our staff conducts inspection and planning visits to both the source and the target sites before initiating any work. We then begin the task of match-marking, unwiring, disconnecting and disassembling all that needs to be shipped or moved to the target location. Once the initial phase is completed we make every effort to man the reinstallation with the same craftsmen who performed the disassembly work. Experience has demonstrated to us that we can realize a marked productivity gain by so assigning our crews, and the dramatically shortened learning curves lead to reduced schedules and faster turnarounds.

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